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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)  I am a collector trying to purchase a Diecast Masters model, why can't I do so on this website?

Diecast Masters America (DMA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Diecast Masters Ltd., but operates exclusively as an importer and wholesaler. DMA only ships wholesale to its authorized dealers. These dealers must purchase in full cases. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please fill out our dealer form, here.

If you are a collector looking for a specific Diecast Masters model, there are many company websites as well as third party market places where you should be able to find it. If you are still having trouble finding it, please give us a
call and we will tell you the name of a retailer that recently purchased that item.

2) Can I get a custom piece of diecast built?

Yes, but there are two major costs – Tooling for the item to be produced, which is a one-time cost and is paid by the client and a minimum production run of 2000 units . That total can be a combination of different color combinations with each variation being a minimum of 250 – There will be an upcharge for any custom paint model for orders under 1000 units.

3) Can DM produce very low quantities of a custom model?

No – The MOQ for a new model is always 2000 Units.

4) I am aware of the tooling costs and MOQ, what are the next steps?

DMA will sign an NDA or licensing agreement. We willl then need to receive and review engineering files from the client.

DMA will produce a mockup sample at no charge.

The entire process of developing a new model is 10-14 months.

5) Can DMA produce models without engineering files?

Yes, provided that there are adequate schematics, photos and involvement from the client/engineering/marketing etc. – NDA’s must be in place

6) I see the model already exists, can I just add a logo or a different paint scheme?

For a model that has already been produced, we can add company logos with a MOQ as low as 25 pieces. For a different design/paint scheme, the MOQ is 250 units.

7) Do you sell spare parts?

We do not offer spare parts for our static diecast models. We do, however, have some spare parts for our radio control models for sale.

8) Returns

If you are a collector who believes you have received a defective unit, please contact the retailer where you purchased it from. You will need to go through their standard return process.

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