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1:50 Cat® MWT30 Mega Mining Truck Water Tank

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SKU 85276C

Product Dimensions:  8.75 x 5.5 x 5.5 in. 

Product features:

• Front wheel steering
• Tandem rear wheels
• Mega MWT30 water tank
• Tank raises and lowers
• Metal handrails and authentic trim detail
• Clear windows with interior cabin detail
• Authentic tire tread design

Core Classics Series Packaging: 

The Core Classics Series is made up of dozens of the most popular diecast models ever made and pays homage to the vast legacy of Cat "machines in the field . Packaging is reminiscent of the " plain brown " parts boxes with which machine owners and operators are so familiar . With somewhat lower price points , Core Classics models offer an excellent value while still providing Real Replica features .

Scale 1:50
Carton Volume (CBM) 0.037
Pack 2

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